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Ryuji Suzuki writes:
> > Since I'm here, I thought I'd really a question from yet another list.
> What list?

San Francisco Letterpress list. (Geez, "relay".)

> If you can't find the exact formula, I think it's better to go by the
> type of application and desired effects than by the product name.

I'll repost his question:

 "For years I have made negatives for photopolymer plates (and litho)
  using process camera, tray development, and hybrid film (Ultratec); this
  gave negative detail and densities entirely adequate for photpolymer
  plates. Now, the hybrid films are discontinued, and my old stock is
  just about gone. I've tried Kodak's RA 2000 (rapid access) materials,
  but I just can't get adequate density from it without duping, and
  pinholes are a big problem.

  When I started doing this, I used regular lith film, and A-B
  developer, but got soft edges that are very bad for photopolymer. Much
  better results came from Kodak Fine-line developer, which uses a
  still-development technique, but gave good detail AND non-image
  density. So I thought I'd go back to lith film and fine-line
  developer. Unfortunately the developer is discontinued by Kodak (and
  by the companies that made copies of it).

  So I have been looking for the formula.

  It has been suggested that I could get the same effect by using A-B
  developer but two parts A to one part B. I haven't tried it yet."
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