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From: Sam Wang ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 10/05/04-09:40:39 AM Z
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Potentially you can achieve greater DMAX with casein with the same negative. The thickness of the emulsion and your developing method, in addition to the "look and feel" you wanted, all are variables that you'll have to work through.

>From my experience, single coat casein needs little or no additional sizing, but you better have solid gelatin sizing for multiple printing. Paper choice also becomes much more serious. Strathmore 500 with additional gelatin sizing hardened by formaldehyde was one way that I found to work.


>I plan to attempt casein printing in the future and I have a couple of
>questions I'd like to pose to anybody that might be experienced with both
>casein and gum printing.
>Putting aside all of the procedural differences in the processes, what might
>one expect from a casein print made with negatives that have been used in
>making successful gum prints? How does the scale compare and how does the
>amount of obtainable density compare between the two processes? Are there
>any special considerations in order to print multiplayer casein prints? Any
>special sizing needs?
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