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I downloaded the get well wishes for Peter from the people on the list and brought them to the hospital to give to Peter.Peter is recovering from cancer of the spine and of the colon. His journey back from Spain was a gruelling ordeal, but he made it. He was in remarkably good spirits when I went to see him, laughing and making jokes about his condition. He will have to spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair but he is making plans to keep working. His house is a bungalow with everything on one level, except his workshop which is in the garden but maybe that can be adjusted. Peter' son is a printer so Peter is planning to do the artwork and Stephen will do the printing. His ward keeps changing but the address of the hospital is Southend General , Westcliffe-on-Sea, Essex SS0 0RY, England if anyone wants to contact him. I think he will be in hospital for awhile yet but hopefully in the not too distant future, he will re-enter the fray among the titans of photo-alt. Hellena
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  Sorry to hear that. If you are able, please extend a get well quick wish to Peter.

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    The news about Peter Fredrick is unfortunately still very negative. He is
    still in hospital in Barcelona where he has undergone radio therapy and is
    sedated after having two operations. It is hoped to get him home soon. He
    will be very pleased to know that so many of his American friends are
    concerned for his welfare. Hellena Cleary
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