Enlarged Digital Negatives for Projected Printing

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Date: 10/04/04-04:15:39 AM Z
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Hello all,

Was at a local arts festival yesterday and was admiring the work of a
photographer who works with lifted Polaroid emulsions on metal. We got
in to a conversation about digital work and using scans to create
enlarged negatives. She asked me about a technique that I don't remember
seeing discussed here, but I may have missed or discussion occurred
before I signed on here.

She has been enlarging her images on to 8 x 10 Polaroid film from 35mm
negatives. One of the negatives that she had used is gone and she was
wondering about scanning an existing positive to create a digital
negative that she could then use in an enlarger to project onto the 8 x
10 Polaroid film carrier (I know, there are problems with scanning the
positive, but apparently it's all she has left of that particular image
and she wants to work with it further).

Anyone out there tried anything along these lines?

AS for the rest of the show, it was a real mixed bag. Over half of the
photographers showing work were doing color silver-based, there were a
couple who were moving to digital output, two who were showing
platinum/palladium and of those two, one had a couple of cyanotypes. The
other Pt/PD printer was distressed by the considerable amount of
explaining he was doing about what a platinum print was...but then, it
WAS an arts and craps, I mean crafts! fair.

But it was a nice day for here in Plan 0, Texas.

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