Paper Preshrinking

From: Michael Healy ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 11/30/04-05:32:01 PM Z
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Hope this isn't a stupid question. I'm preshrinking two different papers, and believe it or
not, I'm already having some problems. One is Rives BFK, no problems. The other is
Simili Japon (the heavier form, 225 g/m2). Some of the Japon sheets dried with wobbly
surface areas. In two instances, I think it must be because I dripped a drop of water from
the second batch of paper onto one from the first batch, which already was drying. So it
sort of puckered up, half wet and half dry, and then dried that way.

First problem is obvious: I laid them to dry on a screen, instead of hanging. From now
on, I intend to hang them.

Second problem, tho: I'm going to resoak these and try again; but suppose I didn't.
Would sizing then lock these pseudo-topographical effects into the paper? Can they just
be flattened out, now before resizing or later after I've finished printing?

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