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Date: 11/30/04-11:51:42 AM Z
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Yes, but since the actual UV density of most inkjet digital negatives
is quite different from what a reading with a B&W densitometer would
suggest you really need a densitometer with UV mode to accurately
evaluate density and density range. This is especially true with
colorized negatives but even inkjet negatives that are printed with
mostly neutral black inks usually have a lot more UV printing density
than would be suggested by a reading in Visual (white light) mode.


>On a sidenote, can you accurately use a densitometer on digital negatives?
>Do you even try to determine density with DN?
>On Mon, 29 Nov 2004 14:12:24 -0700, Michael Healy
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>> Thankyou to all - Darryl, Joe, Sandy, Dan, Nick, and Mark - for
>>making Mike Kirwan's
>> question an excuse for an in-depth discussion. This was very
>>enlightening. I for one got
>> a good deal out of it, and really appreciate the efforts and the
>> Mike
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