Re: question for silver gelatin users

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Date: 11/29/04-09:18:40 AM Z
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> Sizing related:
> - what do you size paper with?
Food Gelatin
> - how do you size? (brush, roller, dipping, etc.)
I soak it an a tray and then hang by a corner to dry

> Emulsion coating related:
> - do you mix anything (water, gelatin, PhotoFlo, polyacrylamide, hardener,
> etc.) to emulsion?
I use a product called Black Magic Additiv (LPE 510)
Which I add both to the emulsion and the developer.
> - how much solution do you coat (specify size)?
I use one plactic film canister worth to coat about 15-20 metal plates.
> - how do you coat? (brush, roller, dipping, etc)
I pour it on and then spread it with my fingers (wearing gloves)
> - do you work on heated surface while coating?
I put the plate over a slightly smaller tray of hot water. But I lift it off
once I start to coat so that the gelatin gels quicker.
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