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Pressing the little diamond pointer in the middle of the slider just swaps
the direction of the density end for end.... or "flip flops" (pardon my use of a
political term) white for black.

You can invert a curve easily by applying it to a digital 21 step tablet and
then inverting the curved steptablet and then taking readings of the steps of
the tablet. Then inverted curve is then determined by:

Input Values: the uncurved value of the step
Output Values: the sampled value of the step

(This is covered in my book)

I agree that it does not matter whether you apply the curve to the positive
version of the image or the negative. There are some issues about the order
of doing things though, so it is important that you keep the order consistent
or you will get different results.

Hope this helps!

Mark Nelson
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> Keep in mind that curves can easily be converted from positive to negative
> perspectives.  The little diamond pointers in the middle of the slider just
> below the curve will convert them - presto.............
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