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Date: 11/27/04-03:30:37 PM Z
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I have made digital negatives using both Burkholder's method
(correction curve applied to the positive) and Mark Nelson's PDN
method (curve applied to the negative). Both methods give good
results, but don't mix and match systems.

On the whole I find that applying the curve to the negative makes
more sense to me because it allows one to compare results from the
negative on the final print and make adjustments when necessary.
Working back up to the positive through an intermediary negative does
not allow me to see and appreciate how the changes will affect the
curve nearly so well because of the simple fact that it one step
removed from the final product.

Sandy King

>Gary Nored's site discusses the opposite approach, applying a curve
>to the final neg
>instead. Here's his page:
>Of course, applying Burkholder's curve to the neg instead of the
>positive is going to
>make it a different curve. Anybody who's done this both ways, that
>could offer some
>insight or feedback?
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>positive... it will look awful, but print fine
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>Subject: Digital Negative Question
>I have made my first digital negative using Pictorico OHP and contact
>printing onto silver gelatin. Results were encouraging and I will now
>try some alternative processes. But I do have really dumb question. I
>have downloaded the "curves" from Dan Burk holder's sites but have a
>question regarding use. Do I apply the curves to the positive image
>then invert or invert and apply the curves to the negative?
>Thanks in advance
>- Mike
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