Re: A D-76 Recipe from Developing by CI Jacobson

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According to the Photo Lab Index of 1957 D76 is made of the following .
. and Mike is right in his reading of Anchell & Troop.
Metol 2 gm
Sodium Sulphite anhyd 100 gm
Hydroquinone 5 gm
Borax 2 gm
Water 1000 cc

Jack Fulton

On Nov 26, 2004, at 1:49 PM, Michael Healy wrote:

It's curious that this is the same formula as published in Anchell &
Troop, except that
theirs calls for only 2g's of metol rather than Jackson's 5g's. I
wonder what happens
from doubling the metol and leaving all else unchanged? Will it just
develop more
aggressively? Act more solvently on thegrains? Was Jackson's formulated
for higher
dilutions maybe?


On 25 Nov 2004 at 23:43, Sean wrote:

With all the talk about what goes into D-76, I knew I had a recipe

This is taken from C.I. Jacobson's Developing, By Focal Press, 16th
Edition 1966.

Metol 5gm
Sodium Sulphite anhyd 100gm
Hydroquinone 5gm
Borax 2gm
Kodalk 2gm

Water 1000cc

It is actually a great analog reference I stumbled upon while
junktiquing years ago. I also have a recipe for a uranium-based
developer somewhere to, from an old 1918 Photogravure Manual.

Happy Holiday!

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