digital negative work flow

From: Mike Kirwan ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 11/26/04-05:23:47 PM Z
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I am in the middle of printing a collection from a WW2 Naval Photographer.
Many of the negatives are in reasonable shape, but many are badly damaged. I
am printing onto regular fiber based silver gelatin fiber paper and
enlarging to 11x14", but the spotting etc is taking way too long. So I
thought I would try making digital negatives. I found a local source for
Pictorico OHP and I have scanned and fixed the worst of the negatives -
which happen to be the best images. But I do have a couple of questions and
would really appreciate your help. I have an Epson 4870 scanner and Epson
2200 printer.

My workflow for regular digital prints is to make all the corrections,
resample to 720 dpi then apply an unsharp mask, then print at 2880 dpi. But
what to do with the digital negative, would I use the same workflow?

Thanks in advance

- Mike
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