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     I DON'T miss snow. I am shuddering at going back to MT for cmas break;
I am soooo spoiled down here. SC's idea of winter is 50-60 and one or two
snows that close the whole state down even though they are only 1/4 inch
     Preservatives: I used 1/2 tsp sodium benzoate to every 100g powdered
gum plus 200 ml water. That is the proportion Ph Formulary sold me (the
benzoate, I mean). You need very little.
     Then again, a 100% solution of thymol and use some drops of this. etc.
     But you could do it the easy way and just mix your gum powder and water
by the teaspoon upon time of use. I go through gum so fast that I always
have a pint of the stuff on hand.
     I'm not sure why all this baume stuff, with gum anyway. Certainly with
lithography it is absolutely crucial to standardize your gum with the way
the process works--I understand that now that I have been in printmaking for
the last 3 semesters. But with gum printing the only thing crucial to gum
thickness is having enough thickness to spread nicely and to suspend the
pigment enough so it doesn't sink into the paper. That's why 1+2 works for
me; no surprises.
PS you ain't a kiddin, Kate, about the sour gum; it stinks and it is thinner
and more acidic and prints differently. But if you can stand the smell, it
is still fine to use. I can't--nose too sensitive. In fact, I have
problems with certain pigments which stink like egg farts, too.

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> Thanks Chris,
> This same method (1:2) is about all I could pry out of the Graphic
> Chemical people... very nice, but a bit secretive expecially since
> they sold me the stuff. What preservative would work well? I have
> ascorbic acid on hand.
> For me, Thanksgiving is a mixed blessing -- lots of work getting the
> new(ish) house ready for the first famiy gathering. I know my students
> are joyous... they were giggling in the computer room all day.
> P.S. Snow is predicted for tomorrow, don't ya miss it?
> -Darryl
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> Darryl,
> Forget the baume. I mix it 1 gum (weight) + 2 water (volume). I
> think the
> usual is 1 gum +3 water but this is a bit liquidy for me, and I
> noticed that
> a lot of the original practitioners used the thicker gum--even thicker
> than
> this. It's nice and juicy when it brushes on.
> Pretend you're mixing flour and water for gravy--a little water at a
> time,
> or blend the sucker up in your blender or food processor.
> You can use it right away, no need to wait. One more myth.
> OHH, add a bit of preservative or it stinks baaaaad.
> Chris (who is thrilled to be on Thanksgiving break)
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>> Hello All,
>> I dusted off a can of Graphic Chemical gum arabic powder only to
> find
>> no instructions or guidelines for a mixture... 14 baume or
> otherwise.
>> I'm without a hydrometer, so does anyone has a suggestion for the
>> mixture I need for gum printing?
>> thanks in advance
>> Darryl Baird
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