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> I find very useful sodium benzoate as a preservative and I follow what
> Livick put on his manual/book.

I used to put one drop of 37% formaldehyde in a 2-ounce bottle of gum
arabic from powder -- and it kept indefinitely.

Whether glyoxal or even glutaraldyhyde would work similarly, quien sabe?

I think that 15% thymol solution has also been used... (tho maybe that was
just for gelatin...?)


> Sorry I don't have it handy to give you the proportions.
> Another way to do it is wrap the gum powder in a cheese cloth and hang it
> inside a wide mouth bottle with the water in.
> Leave it for few days in a refrigerator so it doesn't get bad, shake it once
> in a while.
> It will totally dissolve by itself and then add the preservative.
> It is recommended to use it after few weeks and not immediately.
> I have never used rotten Arabic gum but I heard that the print smells bad.
> Giovanni
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>> Thanks Chris,
>> This same method (1:2) is about all I could pry out of the Graphic
>> Chemical people... very nice, but a bit secretive expecially since
>> they sold me the stuff. What preservative would work well? I have
>> ascorbic acid on hand.
>> For me, Thanksgiving is a mixed blessing -- lots of work getting the
>> new(ish) house ready for the first famiy gathering. I know my students
>> are joyous... they were giggling in the computer room all day.
>> P.S. Snow is predicted for tomorrow, don't ya miss it?
>> -Darryl
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>> Darryl,
>> Forget the baume. I mix it 1 gum (weight) + 2 water (volume). I
>> think the
>> usual is 1 gum +3 water but this is a bit liquidy for me, and I
>> noticed that
>> a lot of the original practitioners used the thicker gum--even thicker
>> than
>> this. It's nice and juicy when it brushes on.
>> Pretend you're mixing flour and water for gravy--a little water at a
>> time,
>> or blend the sucker up in your blender or food processor.
>> You can use it right away, no need to wait. One more myth.
>> OHH, add a bit of preservative or it stinks baaaaad.
>> Chris (who is thrilled to be on Thanksgiving break)
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>>> Hello All,
>>> I dusted off a can of Graphic Chemical gum arabic powder only to
>> find
>>> no instructions or guidelines for a mixture... 14 baume or
>> otherwise.
>>> I'm without a hydrometer, so does anyone has a suggestion for the
>>> mixture I need for gum printing?
>>> thanks in advance
>>> Darryl Baird
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