Kodalith fine line developer formula (sort of)

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Date: 11/22/04-09:54:24 PM Z
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Cleaning out a humongous file today to make room for a new humongous file
(1-1/2 square feet costs about $65 a minute around here), I came across a
piece of paper in my handwriting titled "Kodak Graphic Arts, Kodalith Fine
Line Developer" -- and dimly recalled getting the info from (my note on
the bottom says) someone in graphic arts division of Kodak,

as follows:

#146-5228 $15 A&B enough to make 2 gallons, keeps 3-6 mo in stock solution


A: 75-80% formaldehyde bisulfite
    22% hydroquinone

B: 70-75% sodium carbonate
     10-15% sodium bicarbonate
     10-20% sodium hexametaphosphate
     less than 1% potassium bromide

in working solution:

90-95% water
5-10% sodium formaldehyde bisulfite
5-105 sodium carbonate
1% hydroquinone
less thqan 1% sodium bicarbonate

In the same file I found a formula for D-76, which may have gotten
re-buried already. But if it's not published & someone wants it, it's got
to be around here somewhere.

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