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Date: 11/22/04-06:21:34 PM Z
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go to GIMP via SHERLOCK ...2nd item: Gimp-Print Drivers...Your Epson
9500 is is a matter of following their instructions and
download the necessary stuff...One of my Epson printers is a Photo
Ex...I found everything I needed there to be able to use it on a G4 - fine....and it is FREE!



On Monday, Nov 22, 2004, at 17:59 US/Eastern, Catherine Rogers wrote:

> Thanks for that suggestion Michael.
> I checked out the Gimp site and it looks seriously 'high tech'. I
> couldn't
> find anything on it about printers however.
>>> While we are talking obsolescence - does anybody know of any drivers
>>> for
>> OSX
>>> which will run an Epson 9500? (I have inherited one....).
>>> Epson says they don't have any. Sigh.
>>> Thanks all
>>> Catherine
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