Re: Help with what I believe is a hardening issue

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Date: 11/22/04-10:52:05 AM Z
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        That is not a bad idea but the 'hazardous material' shipping would be
costly. I rermember purchasing some AgNO3 (like 6 pounds) a few years
ago at a great price. Then, about a month later, after I'd sold it all
@ cost to my students, the hazardous material shipping costs for $190
came in.

On Nov 21, 2004, at 10:11 PM, Judy Seigel wrote:

On Sun, 21 Nov 2004, Jack Fulton wrote:

> I've had, since the late 1960's, a gallon of Formalin (37%
> formaldehyde) which is the primary form used in photography. It comes
> from a local Bay Area laboratory. There are a few small flakes of a
> white substance on the bottom of the heavy duty plastic jug and other
> than that there seems to be zero deterioration.
> Jack Fulton

This also is more or less my experience, though only from the '80s, not
the '60s... However, Jack, permit me to suggest that you sell the
remains of that gallon in, say, 8-ounce containers for, say, $40
each.... you could make enough to buy that Christmas laptop -- Oh, wait
a minute, that was Tom. Well, at least a good dinner out.

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