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If you're doing pinhole photography, consider building a large camera, thus
eliminating the need for enlargement.

My largest pinhole camera is 12x20" format. It's constructed of galvanized
steel (stovepipe material) soldered together. A lightweight wooden frame
inside keeps the steel from flexing. The pinhole is in .003" brass shim
stock, with a swinging brass shutter mounted over it. The film plane is
curved, holding the film at a distance of 7" from the pinhole. Due to the
film curvature and the relatively small film-to-pinhole distance, the camera
produces ultrawide angle images with pronounced barrel distortion.
Exposures are very even due to the curved film plane. It's a fun camera to
use, and with proper exposure/development, produces beautiful negatives on
lith film.

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Subject: enlargement factor... (was Re: modifying scanner)

> from Loris...
> "Since you're using pinhole cameras, I don't think that
> enlargement
> factor is as critical as in non-pinhole work. 4x5 pinhole images can be
> pretty sharp (more so after a little bit treatment in image editing
> software)."
> I'm not married to the 8x10 negative idea. I was only going that
> because i thought i might need that size neg to get my final image size
> large as i want. But maybe 4x5 negs will work for me?
> If i stick with 4x5 negs, i can either use my pinhole or my view
> Maybe i'm stressing too much about the enlargement issue. I just want
> be sure that, as i'm setting up for this process ( film negative to
scanner to
> digital negative to copper plate photogravure ), I can get to the maximum
> size my press will accept ( 22" wide). That's not to say all my prints
will be
> that size... especially in the beginning.... but i want to have that
> susan
> Susan Daly Voss
> lower upstate NY
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