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Date: 11/20/04-01:35:39 AM Z
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All "kitting" aside and back on topic...
         I do some work for a local print shop in which we do several things
to control dust as it is a major problem....
         In their film room we have installed a blower box with a 3 stage
filter system in it.. This box recirculates and filters the air
continually with in the room......... We also installed a new "dedicated"
Heating and Air Conditioning system only to that room in which we filter
the air using high efficiency pleated 5 micron filters ( the duct and
filters were oversized to accommodate the pressure drop for the high
efficiency filters ) We also added a oversized commercial electronic air
filter.....The blower is run continuously on the AC system allowing the
filters to work always..
       With all the air movement we run hot water to the humidifier to
maintain 52 % to 58% relative humidity all year long to keep electrostatic
charges to a minimum............Because we use warm water to boost the
output of the humidifier we have to continually change the filter as mold
growth becomes a issue.....
        There are large dust mats at each doorway, always kept cleaned,
and then inside the doorway we have a sticky tape mats that you step on
and it collects any dust or dirt that is still left on your shoe
        This pretty much keeps things in line but we still have some
dust...Print shops use this fine starchy powder to keep printed pages from
sticking together and this stuff gets into everything....The dust on
clothing has not been addressed but should be....
John Cremati
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