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Date: 11/19/04-11:06:01 PM Z
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I think all this cat talk is just whistling in the dark. I heard a story
today about a cat that killed a computer. I happened to be in a computer
store, picking the brains of a VERY knowledgeable sales fellow, when the
subject of spam with gibberish subject lines came up. How do they get past
the spam filters, I wondered.

He said maybe they didn't get to that yet, but they ought to be able to,
because -- it seems that cats like to walk on the computer keyboard,
making it print out random letters. Therefore, someone made a software
program for cat owners to tell when the text is by cat.

HOWEVER, he said, HIS cat liked to sit ON TOP of his computer, on top of
the air vents, which ultimately destroyed the computer by overheating it,
and the overheating made the cat.... oh well, I leave it at that...

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