Re: Jobo 3005, PMK, & 5x7 Tri-X

From: Eric Nelson ^lt;>
Date: 11/19/04-12:49:50 PM Z
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I've never used BTZS or otherwise so not sure about
their construction but the Jobo tanks have tapered
tubes for the film which are supposed to allow
chemistry to get behind the film (base side).
I've also never had any trouble w/the 3010 running
4x5's either. Just the 5x7 =\
--- Michael Healy <> wrote:

> I don't use Jobos, I use my own homemade faux BTZS
> tubes for 8x10 and 7x17. And
> yes, they do stick, more or less. I've heard it said
> (in PureSilver, I think) that it's
> supposed to be allegedly common knowledge that you
> are expected to refix after
> removing the sheets, simply because the design
> prevents the presoak from removing
> the dye.
> Mike
> On 19 Nov 2004 at 10:12, Eric Nelson wrote:
> I had a couple runs of 5x7 to do here which for me
> is
> an unusual size, but since the Jobo 3005 drum is
> supposed to handle that size, I figured no problems
> would occur.
> Well, I ran the film w/a 5 min. presoak and after
> completion, 4 of the 5 sheets were actually stuck to
> the sides of the tubes in the drum! This left a
> purplish mark where, as I quickly figured out, the
> film had not received fixing on the base side of the
> film. I re-fixed the film and then afterwards put
> the
> sheets into a kodalk solution to get the stain back
> up
> to par and all was well.
> So aside from the major hassle of re-fixing and
> doing
> the 30 min. wash AGAIN, all came out fine.
> With greater solution quantities, I ran the balance
> of
> the film (2 sheets w/over one liter of solution) and
> one of the sheets had the same problem.
> I'm wondering if anyone here has had this same
> problem
> w/5x7 as NONE of my 8x10 Tri-X EVER has a problem
> using the same drum and exact same techniques.
> Jobo has cut back on their support now so they
> charge
> $10 a question or some such nonsense and their email
> support is slow to non-existent FYI.
> Thanks in advance and I'm still looking for any info
> on the "mourning images" i posted as to whether
> anyone
> is familiar w/these kinds of images. Thank you to
> those who commented previously. =)
> Eric
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