RE: Inkjet negatives and Van Dyke Brownprints

From: Sandy King ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 11/19/04-10:50:39 AM Z
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I would recommend the neutral black negative as probably a bit better
for VDB than the emerald green one since it sill give a bit more

Do this to prepare for printing.

1. Change your file to RGB if necessary, and then use

2. In Print with Preview, set Source space to Document, and Document
to ColorMatch RGB.

3. In Print Setting set Media type to Glososy Photo Paper, Color to
Color, Quality to Quality, and Mode to Automatic.


>..Output is on the Epson 2200 and I always
>set the media to glossy photo paper. I am including the PS input and
>output values for the two curves below. As you can see, my numbers
>are significantly different from what others have indicated.
>Thanks for the data Sandy. I'll run off a negative and give it a try.
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