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I am biased to the Becquerel method since it's the one I do and the only one
I've tried. People will say that the "downside" to Becquerel is a slower
plate, less tonality range and contrast issues. But you don't have to mess
with bromide or mercury and that is a HUGE factor for me. Iodine is tricky,
but not so dangerous as the other chemicals. If you are careful and
efficient enough with how you handle crystal iodine, you don't even need a
lab setup. Some here will gasp at this previous statement, but I have fumed
plates in a hotel bathroom before. Now would I recommend that to someone,
absolutely not! But with bromide and heated mercury, I wouldn't even attempt
to create the proper setup to use these chemical, so I'm not that stupid or

If your biggest reason for trying daguerreotypes is the "virtual grainless
appearance", which process you use doesn't matter.

-Chris <>

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Wow. I think I'm naive! What a waste of time that (the 'trolling') sounds


Thanks to everyone for the dag. suggestions. After much emailing and
searching I found a workshop next August. I'm going to try to get to it!
But, a question (one which might be quite controversial).....what is the
downside to the 'safer' dag method (the one without the mercury....the one
that I don't know how to spell!). I'm assuming that the more dangerous, the
better, more refined, the results. The biggest reasons, to me, to do dags is
the virtual grainless appearance.....the perfection in image, the pursuit if
perfection itself! Thoughts? Opinions? Facts? Anyone?

At 07:40 AM 11/19/2004 -0800, you wrote:

Best intentions - perhaps to a great degree?? However, I want to remind
everyone that on more than one occasion we have found an "echo troll' on
this and other lists. For anyone that doesn't recognize the reference "echo
troll", it's effectively one person with two different emails subscribed to
a given list or two different people working together under the plan of "you
lie and I'll swear to it".

My two cents,


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> I guess we just have to believe that we all have the best intentions,
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