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From: Marie Wohadlo ^lt;mwohadlo@press.uchicago.edu>
Date: 11/19/04-09:23:10 AM Z
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I haven't really been one to chime in on these personal bouts, but I've
really become fed up with it. First, I'd like to suggest that what is meant
as a "reminder", per se, can be read as a directive, and thus offensive. It
all depends upon how we view the world, I think. Whether we see statements
as definitive, ideal, metaphoric, or whatever. (I think there are three
theoretical 'categories' as such -- don't quote me.) Email communication is
a huge portal for misunderstanding, no?

Overall, I think it's amusing how what should be cut and dry (chemistry)
can be so controversial. If you haven't noticed, I am not as experienced as
you all and most likely never will be. I share your enthusiasm, and the
debates are interesting, as sometimes it feels as if we are all learning
collectively, but when it comes to a matter of being right, that's where I
lose interest. Clarifications benefit everyone, but......

I guess we just have to believe that we all have the best intentions, right?
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