RE: Inkjet negatives and Van Dyke Brownprints

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Date: 11/18/04-07:45:50 PM Z
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> There apparently is a large group of people using digital inkjet
> negatives to print Pt/Pd successfully from what I gather reading this
> list and a few other discussion forums. However, I have not heard of
> anyone doing Van Dyke Brownprints using the inkjet digital route.
> Anyone tried it? I've been experimenting this past week.

Gary Nored does and has photographs shown at:

You may want to read Gary's article about digital negatives for VDBs at:

> I've also set the printer to 2880 dpi and the
> slowest speed. So far, I have not had any drying or smearing issues
> with the ink. I'm using Pictorico OHP as the substrate.

You won't with Pictorico.

> I need to further increase the value (lighten) and contrast of the low
> shadows slightly, but I'm getting very close to a decent print.
> However, the result doesn't approach the creaminess of a VDB from a
> large-format silver negative.

That's the trick, that is getting the proper gradation in the shadows and

> Has anyone onlist experimented with this and
> compared the spectral method to using neutral inkjet negative

I think you are on to something as I seem to recall someone else writing
about this in past years.

Don Bryant
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