Re: Trick for increasing speed of photo papers?

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Date: 11/17/04-06:08:35 PM Z
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From: Liam Lawless <>
Subject: RE: Trick for increasing speed of photo papers?
Date: Wed, 17 Nov 2004 23:49:07 +0000

> I haven't tested any "speed increasing" ideas, but using your dev
> warmer and/or more concentrated should make some difference, though
> not as much as you're hoping. If you make up your own dev, try
> increasing the amount of metol or phenidone in the formula.

I'm afraid to tell you but this is not going to work. Pretty much all
practical developing agents give pretty comparable speed when used at
the optimal condition. James published this in 1940's in the Journal
of the Franklin Institute and this remains true even today. His
results are compatible with today's better understanding of factors
affecting sensitivity, latent image, and mechanism of
development. With pretty optimal development by most standard MQ and
PQ formulae, it's nearly impossible to make statistically significant
increase in speed by just playing with developer, without changing
other important aspects like contrast, fog, etc.

It's easier to use stronger light source. I use blue cold light tubes
when exposing warmtone emulsions.

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