Re: EPSON 4870 PRO versus Microtek i900 (Was Re: modifying scanner)

Date: 11/17/04-04:13:52 PM Z
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I understand and hope that you'll be able to resolve your problem with them.

I've used a variety of scanners over the past six years (Linocolor, Scitex,
Epson, Polaroid, Microtek, Nikon, Konica Minolta and Imacon). They all had
limitations but were able to produce good scans once the software was understood
and used properly. By the way, I would add that the Imacon is, hands down, the
best scanner I've used (although the Nikon 9000 that we purchased for our
students is remarkable for the money).

You can test scanners, and should, rather than relying on manufacturer
information. True optical resolution is often inflated (sometimes seriously) but the
real problem is optical density range (the scanner's ability to record shadow
and highlight information without noise). My experience, to date, is that the
Microtek scanners outperform the Epson's on both accounts but, again, using
the software properly is critical.

Bill Kennedy
Associate Professor of Photocommunications
St. Edward's University
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