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I'm doing some checking into this. My current scanner is an older Umax
Powerlook III. A shocking $1200US at the time I bought it! Very nice
scanner, does everything I need (including large film) and has a good
density range. It is SCSI. I'm about to replace the last (old) Mac
laptop I have that still runs SCSI :-(

I'm trying a SCSI to USB adapter today, but I question if that will

Anyway..... the best looking "new" option I found was the MicroTek
i900. It isn't a "cheap" scanner (about $600US), but it has an optical
resolution of 3200 (6400x3200) and "spec" of 4.2 for density (nice).
Perhaps most importantly for large film, it has a dual path. Reflective
stuff (prints) go above the bed's glass (as is normal). For film (35mm
up to 8x10) the lens/CCD adjusts and the film goes INSIDE the scanner.
The holder for everything up to (and including) 4x5 are glassless. No
more newton rings!!!!!!!! The 8x0 holder is a glass holder, but
hopefully would be tighter than the "some areas of the film sag enough
to make rings on large film" desktop scanning we are all use to :-(

I haven't actually used this scanner, I'm just investigating it in case
I have to replace my old one. "Potentially" this system could have
focus problems?? The scanner comes in two versions "Silver" and "HDR".
HDR has the full feature SilverFast software. See here:

I'm aware of cardbus and PCI adapter cards for SCSI. My desktop
computer is "full" (no open PCI slots) and my new laptop is going to be
a G4 iBook (no Cardbus), so my one left over SCSI device is going to be
a problem :-(

On Wednesday, November 17, 2004, at 07:44 AM, Michael Koch-Schulte

> You could use the stitch function in Photoshop or an inexpensive
> software like Panorama Factory to piece together the 8X10 neg from
> multiple scans. Do it in two or three passes. Three might work better
> as there is usually a little bit of light fall off at the edges. I
> think the driver on the scanner may prohibit going any wider. I know
> the 4870 can do an 8X10.
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> My Epson Perfection scanner will scan a maximum negative size of 4x5. 
> I'd like to be able to scan 8x10s with it.  The cover/light source for
> the scanner will only illuminate a small area, so what i'm wondering
> is this... has anyone fashioned a larger light source for a scanner
> that covers the entire surface of the scanner bed?  Any thoughts?
> thanks,
> susan
> Susan Daly Voss
> lower upstate NY
Tom Ferguson
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