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Date: 11/16/04-03:46:53 AM Z
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Hi Nick,
Yes, the ultratones are MIS clones for the epson ultrachrome inks.
they work fine on pictorico and copyjet. The inks on this webpage are
quad blacks (actually tri-blacks and a toner).

I am using these in an 1160 (but replaced the blue toner with an
intermediate grey from the inkset for six color printers). For this
you need a special RIP like QuadTone Rip. I am also using photoblack
instead of matte black. But often leave out black completely. If you
are using QTR allready I can mail you my QTR profiles.

Please note that the blue toner is not of great help in negative
printing. There exists also an ultratone sepia toner I think. Some
people on this list prefer the spectral density approach espacially
for long scale processes. In that case you probably are better of
with the color 'ultratones' I mentioned in an earlier post. But we
are still waiting to read some reports on this inksets behaviour on
transparent media.


After some research and lots of email to MIS, I may have finally
figured out that the inks available on the following link are the B&W
(quad black) inks, as nearly as I can tell, that are equivalent to
the inks for the newer printers like the C8n 2200 7600 etc. This
particular link is for the 1160 but they have them for others.


I will be trying these on Pictorico - will let you know if it works.

Please let me know if you have already been down this road.

Many thanks,

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