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Date: 11/15/04-02:16:35 PM Z
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Judy Seigel wrote:

> But one other point about the glut -- you mention Katharine's experience
> as AWFUL WARNING. It does seem that the stuff has to be handled with great
> care. But Katharine retracted her alarm report, saying that she'd found
> the condition she described had a different cause.

I haven't been following this discussion, but since I see my name here I
think I should at least address a misconception.

I confused the issue, unfortunately, by retracting the alarm before I
had a long talk with my doctor about it. After hearing my account of the
two episodes, he said that he believed that the first one was
glutaraldehyde exposure, and the second one, which differed in
important respects from the first, was due to another cause. I then came
back and reported what my doctor said, but it sounds like the initial
retraction made more impression than the retraction of the retraction,
which isn't surprising. (Too complicated, as Giovanni said a minute
ago.) But for whatever it's worth to anyone, I should emphasize that as
far as my doctor is concerned, my first report stands and that rather
frightening experience I had was indeed a result of glutaraldehyde

Katharine Thayer
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