Flatbed digipack

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Date: 11/15/04-12:47:19 PM Z
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Got this link from other source of info: http://www.sentex.net/~mwandel/tech/scanner.html

Why wouldnīt it be worth of trying?
Man has claimed gone to the moon. And many have climbed to Mount Everest, so why not
give it a try? From my point of view it might give interesting results if printed out
as digital negative or sent to printshop. And certainly it would be unique due
technology used. And itīll be a lot cheaper than LF film ;-) Testing composition or
lightning. "Digiroid"?

Michael Koch-Schulte wrote:
> I had this thought a while back too. Google this topic and you'll find a few
> people who've tried it. The results are mixed. The system is always awkward.
> Besides other than the act of technically putting it together what would the
> end goal be? Improved Resolution, (read: final reproduction size)? Hardly
> worth the effort.
> As for the aesthetic, for me the results I've seen rank
> right up there with pressing your face agaist the flatbed and pushing the
> scan button. ;^)

Or other bodyparts... Iīve seen some results.

Timo Sund
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