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I know attachments are not allowed and I meant to include my links in the
text of the email.

I should have typed them in rather than dragging them to the email

I am very sorry and will now go flog myself with a wet cable release.


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Subject: RE: Putting Together a Book of Proofs

Hi Schuyler,

I am new to alt-photos (never actually having made some) but have done some
book binding. I have attached all of my current bookbinding websites (taken
from my bookmarks). I don't know how many still work as I have been really
researching photography at the moment.

I hope to do the bookbinding program in Toronto (distance education as I
live in BC) sometime in the near future.

You have hit on a wonderful idea which I might steal!

If you have any further questions that a non-expert can answer, please email

Good luck.


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Subject: Putting Together a Book of Proofs

I was thinking it might be interesting to bind together a book of proofs I
don't print anymore into a handmade book--a sort of personal reference and
reminder of where I've been. I've always had a hankering (to use the
technical term) to learn bookbinding, and I think it would be an interesting
project. Besides, the old proofs are mostly just stored in flat files where
no one ever sees them, except when I add a few more or move them around.

Has anyone on the list ever done such a thing (maybe even a limited edition
of alt prints you've put together in book form)? Are there any drawbacks
anyone could envision, other than the prints would be subject to handling?
I envision using archival materials for the binding, and the prints I was
planning to use are currently all Pt/Pd printed on the same size and type of


-Schuyler Grace
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