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I'm pretty novice in Pt/Pd printing but know that alkali paper is no
good for pt/pd (and your paper's PH is on the alkali side). Maybe your
paper is buffered with calcium carbonate? Maybe Dan Burkholder treats
the paper in 1.5% oxalic acid first?


Dear platium gurus: what's the deal with oxalic acid? Why can't we use
cheaper and easier to find citric acid in order to neutralize the alkali
buffer in the paper?


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> I read on his web site that Dan Burkholder prints on Crane's
> Museo so I bought some. For the life of me I could not get
> anything but a weak, light brown from Plt/Pla even with
> double coating. Tried my chemicals on another paper and got
> strong, solid dark color.
> Crane says the paper has a "velina finish" with a pH of 7.9-8.5.
> Anybody have any experience with this paper and what seems to
> be the problem?
> George
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