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I´ve no Thiosulfate here right now.

Is it possible to take a paper/film fixer with Thiosulfate including





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Subject: Colour of Van Dyke Prints...


Yesterday I was making some Van Dyke Prints using the formula from


Solution A: Ferric ammonium citrate 6g + 22ml water
Solution B: Silver nitrate 2,5g + 22ml water
Solution C: Tartaric acid 1g + 22ml water

I use destilled water for mixing it.


One part A + one part C mixed together an then one part B drop per drop
mixed to the solution.


For exposure I use a 8 UVA- 8W lamps with about 25cm away from the paper.

Exposure time was about 5-7 minutes.


Developing was in clear water (roomtemperature).


All my prints are light brown to orange….no the blackbrown I was expecting.

How can I get those black brown prints, like they are shown in the book.

More exposure?

Other Formula?

Developing in warm water?

I did not fix the prints, will I get a darker brown if fixed?


Thanks very much for your help,


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