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Date: 11/13/04-12:27:29 PM Z
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> Question: what are your fave papers, you bromoilists? Not the special
> bromoil papers, but regular ones. Do you use glossy or matte?
Agfa MCC 118, Kentmere Document Art, Luminos Charcoal are all good and
easy to use for Bromoil.
Bergger makes one but I've never tried it.
The best all around is David Lewis Bromoil Paper - great for bromoil
or silver printing, non-super-coated. You can get it from David
or Photo Formulary.

> Question: is there a cheapy brush source anyone can recommend? And
> brush catalog number? I used rollers for this process. On Forte RC with
> rollers you can essentially get back your print to looking just like a
> photograph, which...what's the I wanted to try a brush for my
> next go around. The local drugstore did not even know what a man's shaving
> brush is.
Williams-Sonoma makes a "Round Basting Brush". It works well for bromoil.
Too bad about the drugstore. The shaving brushes are good, also.
I think Bostick-Sullivan has a relatively cheap one for sale also.

> One more question: do you bromoilists print one stop darker and duller
> as a general rule, or something other?

Depends on the paper. Super-coated usually require doubling the
exposure time. Non-coated about 1 1/2 times.

 Oh, and how long do you think a
> print takes to dry? I was thinking of pressing it between baking parchment
> paper in the drymount press, to prevent ink from getting on things.
I dry at least overnight at room temperature, but the drymount press
works well also.

Have fun,
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