Re: report on glyoxal yellowing

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Date: 11/13/04-08:13:06 AM Z
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> For what it's worth, I believe that sodium carbonate is what they "buffer"
> paper with. If I understand you correctly, you haven't tested on any other
> manufacturer's paper..? I have normally used various Fabriano papers,
> including the artistico, also the satista, and one called 50/50 (half rag,
> half not), etc., tho always the hot press. These may have yellowed before
> I began rinsing, but none of them yellowed since, or not that I have
> noticed.

Forgot to answer this: yes, only one paper. Don is testing Rives BFK.
> However, it does occur to me to ask what strength of glyoxal you rinsed
> with. I use 15ml per liter of water, which my tests showed hardened as
> effectively as 25 ml. But I wonder if that difference could affect
> yellowing?
I used 15 ml in my hardening bath, too. And with distilled water, to
eliminate the variable of the chlorinated water down here.

It seems Don is not getting yellowing, and, if as you say paper is buffered
with calcium carbonate....maybe Fabriano is more of a problem?
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