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On Fri, 12 Nov 2004, Ryuji Suzuki wrote:

> I use microwave oven to heat gelatin size all the time and have not
> had a single problem. But like anything else but plain water, if you
> use microwave you should heat halfway first, stir it, and heat it
> again just to the desired temperature. Trying to do it one shot will
> make hot spots and this is not desirable with gelatin size.

Candace said her gelatin came out of the microwave steaming. Whether it
was all steaming or only parts of it were steaming isn't the point.
Also, what gelatin does in the making of silver-gelatin emulsion isn't the
point... as we know from past discussions, even two processes much more
closely related than SG and gum, that is, carbon printing and gum, react

Again, heating something to "the desired temperature" is more easily done
in an open pot, with frequent stirring, than in a microwave. As for
gelatin *theory,* cited somewhere in this discussion, beside the fact that
gelatin theory is not yet handed down on tablets from Mount Sinai,in fact
still not set in concrete, I trust my observation more. Which is, after
all, how we know that the bumblebee can fly -- and that scalding
can cause speckles on a gelatin-sized gum print. Even brief scalding.


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