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>>> 11/12/04 1:17 PM >>>
I have being reading this thread and seems to me that there is a major
The purpose of hardening is to the gel not to the paper.
The gel is going to carry the pigment colors meaning the image,
the gel is on top of the paper but it can be on top of anything.
Does anyone disagree with me?


I don't disagree with you but I will add that gelatin sizing of papers
still retains the character of the paper. The surface becomes slicker
but it still feels like paper.

With gesso as the size, the character of the surface becomes more like a
layer of paint which obscures the visual texture and feel of the paper,
at least in the dilutions and coats that I used. I found it undesirable
for most of the images I wanted to gum print. I would compare it to
covering a beautiful piece of woodwork with latex paint.

I still have not found anything that works as well for gum printing as
formaldehyde-hardened ossein or hide glue sizing on paper. I would
avoid that procedure if I could find anything that works as well.

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