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best regards

Nzé Christian


I sell a lot of print online. I use to sell on ebay. Which is one of the
best way as there is far more traffic than any other web page . For sure the
price are quite low , but depending on you ( your day work and so on) you
could start with a good price and get in contact with collectors all over
the world.

Personnaly I am pleased to be member of the contact printer guild who sell
on ebay. before being member of this group I sell my work directy but and it
was fine too. But the group help to promote the work of each more easily.

if you have any question about ebay sales or direct online sell I could

but it works. ebay leas more collector than justaweb page . If you want to
be member of any web page who ask money to make a gallery and so on , I just
can say that ebay do better than this gallery . a good choice is to
advertise in BW and then sell directly through your web page or ebay.

hope this help

Christian Nze

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