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  Hello D and J Harris,
  The platinum toner is mostly a browner toner colour than the usual gold
chloride toners which I find tend to be very cool (split in the highlights)
  when placed in fresh toner. I find the more prints go through the toners,
the warmer (browner) the colours become. So; it depends on what colours you
want each print to look like. It is a variable process, so; one can't
duplicate each print exactly. It is never boring, that is for sure.
  Thank you for the comment about the website.
  Good luck on your work and above all, have a good time experimenting!
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> Hi Dave,
> What's the risk involved in selling gold chloride? I for instance, can
> easily buy it in Grand Bazaar (Istanbul) but this doesn't counts I
> Grand Bazaar has been the center of jewellery in Turkey for centuries.
> Actually what I'm getting may not be exactly AuCl3 but KAuCl2 instead...
> Whatever it is, it works good for making "Clerc's Thiourea Gold Toner"
> anyway (don't know it this works good for POP, but it definitely works
> Vandykes and Kallitypes)...
> Maybe you can find someone who does gold plating and buy gold chloride
> him/her instead of chemical stores...
> Regards,
> Loris.
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> Susan
> Very nice web site .... What colours do you get with the B&S platinum
> Getting gold chloride seems to be increasingly difficult here (UK), most
> places seem to have stopped selling it.
> Dave


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