Re: Help with what I believe is a hardening issue

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Date: 11/09/04-08:26:51 PM Z
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LOL Joe, great suggestions, but it had me laughing. I had a visual of all
us photographers running to our neighborhood mortuaries searching for
hardeners...explaining to a mortician what we do with formaldehyde would be
like explaining to my local liquor store why I was buying Everclear.

Maybe she can do her sizing of paper at the mortuary, so if she drops dead
from mixing glyoxal and formaldehyde she won't have far to go, eh Candace??
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>>>> 11/09/04 7:36 PM >>>
> ... Or will I drop dead on the spot?
> Does anyone know of a source for formaldehyde? ...
> Candace Spearman
> Candace,
> You might try a local mortuary. Perhaps they would be willing to part
> with a small amount if you explain the purpose. Or a biology lab...
> Joe
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