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Interesting thread.

One of our local tabloids, Central Coast Weekly, ran a story about a guy
who, with some humor, responded to one of the requests to free money in
Nigeria. He was getting fed up with those offers.

After some ten months of wrangling them and without sending any money, THEY
SENT HIM a check for $40,000.00 with a caution not to cash it unless he was
willing to send them some $3,800.00 out of it.

Strange!? So he went to his bank, and they said if they could get the
money, they'd put it into his account. He opted to open another account
with the funds they DID GET.

After some wrangling from the Nigerian sender, he had a ficticious 'friend'
send them a check for the $3,800.00 with a note saying he was struck by an
attack of conscious about his 'friend.' The 'friend' had no computer and
asked not to be contacted.

In the end, they had some fun and ended up with a nice sum of money; but his
spam stopped.

Or, just delete it like many of us.

Number Two: After using PC cillon on one computer, my virus problem
stopped. It does nothing for spam, but then I bought McCafee and had
trouuble setting it up. I rarely use that one on the internet, because I
got a third computer from an employer with Norton installed.

Nothing but raves about Norton.

Th, th, that's all Folks!

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            "Yes and yes and again yes! AOL accounts are notoriously known
            to "leak". System admins in AOL canīt help You with this. In
            even hotmail is "safer" than AOL."

what's odd is that i haven't had a problem with spam on AOL till this. I
have several other AOL screen names and i don't get spam on them either.
The messages i've gotten this past week on the 'DalyVoss" email are of the
internet hoax variety... the "wife of a south american blah blah blah...
needs help getting millions in assets blah blah blah... ".


i guess i'll have to set up a yahoo email account for this list. :o(


Susan Daly Voss
lower upstate NY
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