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Date: 11/09/04-09:21:49 AM Z
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Emailadresses are 'harvested' by spambots that
crawl websites and listarchives. Some sites and
listsarchives are better protected than others.

What you can do is use a dedicated emailadresses
for public lists and change and delete them when


             "Yes and yes and again yes! AOL accounts are notoriously known
             to "leak". System admins in AOL canīt help You with this. In fact
             even hotmail is "safer" than AOL."

what's odd is that i haven't had a problem with
spam on AOL till this. I have several other AOL
screen names and i don't get spam on them either.
The messages i've gotten this past week on the
'DalyVoss" email are of the internet hoax
variety... the "wife of a south american blah
blah blah... needs help getting millions in
assets blah blah blah... ".


i guess i'll have to set up a yahoo email account for this list. :o(


Susan Daly Voss
lower upstate NY
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