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> Is it an AOL thing? help please.

Yes and yes and again yes! AOL accounts are notoriously known to "leak".
   System admins in AOL canīt help You with this. In fact even hotmail
is "safer" than AOL. Spammers are modern day pirates and we just have
to live with it and have strong filters in our own machines just try to
avoid spam. Iīve gone in to point of no return where my spamfilters
occasionally filter out even mail from this list. Not to mention some
other important email.

Timo Sund
Palaios Photos
    I don't know what AOL has but Earthlink has a three level spam filter. It can be turned off altogether, it can be set on "medium" where it filters out known spam, it can be set on "high" were it blocks all messages not coming from addresses in its address book. I have mine set on high. If someone not in the address books writes they get a notice back and can request to be unblocked. I get those messages and can unblock the sender. I usually check the collected mail frequently on the web MAPI site and unblock legitmate senders before they have to request it. I get about an equal number of legit e-mails and spam messages to the suspect mailbox a day. I have no idea how many spam messages the known spam blocker stops but its much larger. There are other ISPs that offer the same service on their accounts. Earthlink/Netcom also has an effective anti-virus (Norton) which I have turned on but I also don't rely on it and maintain a good anti-virus on my home machine. 
    From the headers on mail from the alt processes machine it seems to have an anti-virus running on it. 
Richard Knoppow
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