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Thanks for the info. Will look for T-55 formula.

I don't know about POP but before I started to tone Vandykes in gold, I can
say that I never experienced any image fading during fixation of untoned
images (or my observation talent is very poor)... and I was using
Christopher James' recommendation of fixing in 2% anhydrous sodium
thiosulfate for not more than 1 minute - do you think this is far from being
enough? (FWIW, please note that I always develop my Vandykes in 2% citric
acid - I use plain water only for the final wash after toning/fixing).

Now, I tone my Vandykes in gold anyway because I like the resulting dmax

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> ... But selenium toner can be made without thiosulfate, for
> example Kodak formula T-55. Thiosulfate is in KRST to make the toning
> action rapid. I also make a toner that contains both selenium and
> ...
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