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    My experience with RC paper supports Roger's assertions that storage
conditions are paramount. I use RC for contact sheets and commercial B&W
jobs where the printed page of a magazine is the final form. I was too
casual about storing my RC prints and, here in Barbados where we have a
warm, humid environment, properly processed and washed RC prints show
degradation in just 3 or 4 years.
    I have just moved into my office/darkroom annexed to our new home and
every thing is now climate controlled. I will keep an eye on new RCs to see
if they last better.

  High temperatures and especially high humidity are death to any paper. They accelerate the reactions that result in destruction of the image. Proper fixing is as important as sufficient washing. Again, toning will very substantially extend the life of a silver image regardless of the base.
   I have RC prints which are approaching twenty years old and are still pristine. These have been displayed or are in the boxes the paper came in (which is not archival). We do not suffer from the constant high humidity here which may be the difference although the humidity can get very high for short periods.

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