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On Sat, 6 Nov 2004, Christina Z. Anderson wrote:

> Here are the citations, Judy; an hour of my time probably equals the hour
> of your time sending me the Gassan book, so we're even steven, huh, and I
> thank you again for that.

But the *virtue* thus demonstrated (or acquired?) is really beyond
measure. Thank you. Very interesting. (Do you ever think that someday
writers of the future -- assuming there is a future -- will talk about
practices of today, like eating in the darkroom, let alone smoking in the
darkroom, or PUTTING hands in chemicals, the way we talk about drinking
dichromate ???)

Meanwhile, speaking of the "poisons list" (as you did), I recall that one
of my almanacs (most of them later than your citations, which may be why I
missed them) has a chart of poisons -- that is, how much of a given poison
it takes to kill a dog of such and such weight -- used as a measure of
poisonousness. I looked for it recently and didn't find it. If you come
across it (or similar), would you mention ?

thanx again,

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