Re: More on Crystal Clear OHP

From: Sandy King ^lt;>
Date: 11/06/04-12:59:20 PM Z
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I have not used the 1280 but I think you should have less problem of
drying with the ink set of that machine than with the pigmented inks
of 2200.

As for good substitutes for Pictorico, the Epson ink jet transparency
material works great. Very fast drying and works every bit as well as
Pictorico at about half the cost. The only drawback is that it is
only available in 8..5"X11" size.


>Regarding use of Crystal Clear:
>Sandy, thanks for the information.
>I will be using my Epson 1280, at least for now... does anyone have
>any experience with that printer and Crystal Clear? (or any other
>film less expensive than Pictorico)
>susan dv
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