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to compare alt process
Philippe (Belgium)
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Good morning all,
Judy asked if anyone started with gum; I did. My prof did gum first and
then the others, because by comparison the other processes were a piece of
cake. I can remember finishing up the gum unit and going to cyanotype and
being blown away by how easy it was! And platinum/palladium and VDB.
But here I am, years later, hooked on gum, never recovering as Sandy
says. Probably because it is never conquerable...
If you don't like the blue of cyanotype, you can tone it brown, btw.
And, when we started with gum, we first did a one coat assignment, then
a two coat, then more after that, so we got into it very carefully. Digital
negs were not on the forefront then (this was in 98).
If you start with gum, use Fabriano Artistico paper and you can get by
without the sizing steps, for your first foray into gum.
Don, are you still speaking to me?
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>I started with gum and upgraded to carbon. Many started with gum and are
>still with gum.
> Best bet for a good first alternative process is Cyanotype, if you like
> cold blue images, or VDB for the warm brown look.
> The VDB path leads to kallitype (ferric oxalate variety) and Pt./PD, or
> just plain palladium. Cyanotype is an end in itself. Gum is a disease from
> which many appear to never recover!
> Sandy
>>Wow, I really appreciate all of the advice I have been given.
>>After some more looking around, I have to say that gum still intrigues me
>>greatly, but I think I might start with Cyanotype. Would this be a
>>rasonable first step (for a few weeks/months) before heading toward gum?
>>Thanks all!
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