Re: Good first alt process

From: Sandy King ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 11/06/04-12:34:43 AM Z
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I started with gum and upgraded to carbon. Many started with gum and
are still with gum.

Best bet for a good first alternative process is Cyanotype, if you
like cold blue images, or VDB for the warm brown look.

The VDB path leads to kallitype (ferric oxalate variety) and Pt./PD,
or just plain palladium. Cyanotype is an end in itself. Gum is a
disease from which many appear to never recover!


>Wow, I really appreciate all of the advice I have been given.
>After some more looking around, I have to say that gum still
>intrigues me greatly, but I think I might start with Cyanotype.
>Would this be a rasonable first step (for a few weeks/months) before
>heading toward gum?
>Thanks all!
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