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Date: 11/05/04-09:34:03 PM Z
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Hi All,

I have been following this thread, and have fallen head over heels for
gravure. I have been training with a printmaker to produce films for
photogravure plates. As he has two studios, a printing studio and an etching
studio, it was starting to get tedious going back and forth. His printing
studio is in the same building as mine, but I would have to travel half and
hour to burn and etch the plates.

Well today was my lucky day (I think)!

I bought a Teaneck (Olec) OVI 30" x 40" Vacuum Frame, 5-drawer stand, the
AL-53 (5000 watts - Electricity is included in my rent) Light Source with
Exhaust Blower, Curtains, Safelights and the AI-975 light integrator. It
practically brand new, $200.00 including the manuals.

I needed more flat files, and expected to pay more than that just for them.
The only thing that scares me is the shear size of this thing. I have the
space in my studio as I was planning on buying a Nuarc, but being able to
create 30" x 40" plates makes it all worth while. Of course I also have to
get an electrician to hookup a 208v circuit.

This will make plate creation so much easier, and I hope to pursue some gum
work with it as well.

Thanks to all for the inspiration this list provides.

Keep it analog.

Sean Farren
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